world environment day 2016

by Radhe Gupta
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I was actually at the World Environment Day in Cebu. I went to the main event and attended the parade to show my support for global environmental protection. I am also a proud member of Team Enviro, a youth environmental group based in Cebu.

I was part of a team that had to collect the plastic bottles to be sent to a trash dump for recycling. The event was held at the same time as a local youth environmental advocacy event, so we went to the same place for both. And there are a couple of reasons why I feel it is important to go to this event. The first is that we are all part of the solution, and we must all do what we can to change the status quo.

The second reason is that we are all part of the problem, and we must all do what we can to change the status quo. You see, we all agree that plastic pollution is a problem, but we don’t agree on the solution. I think the solution is something that the entire world can take into account: we should all put an end to plastic pollution. If there’s no solution, there’s no problem.

We will also be doing a special session at the end of the month where we’ll be focusing on plastic in our world, starting with our oceans, and the health of our planet.

Plastic pollution is a problem because it is a large-scale, long-term process that takes place all over the world, and it is causing so many animals to suffer or die. Plastic pollution is caused by people who are using or putting large amounts of plastic in the environment. Plastic pollution also causes harm to our oceans because they trap vast amounts of carbon dioxide. It is also harmful to the health of animals because of the toxins that are released as a byproduct of plastic.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem. Plastic is a major contributor to global warming, and it is also a toxin to marine life. One study found that the use of plastic can cause changes to the DNA of marine animals, which can be passed on to the offspring in the food chain.

World environment day 2016 (WED) is a global day of action against plastic pollution, and we are all invited to join us. The plan is for us to use every single day we have off to spread awareness and take action against plastic pollution. Plastic pollution is a global problem. The plastic in our oceans is a major contributor to climate change, and plastics can also be a food source for some animals. Plastic is everywhere.

The world environment day is hosted by the Plastic Pollution Prevention Alliance and takes place on March 31st (and so far it has already raised over $10,000. Thanks to everyone who is part of this and the Plastic Pollution Prevention Alliance for hosting this and helping to raise awareness). The date gives us a reason to not only help our own local plastic pollution prevention efforts, but also to help the plastic pollution prevention efforts of other people.

As you likely already know, there have been a number of plastic pollution incidents around the globe this year. The most significant of these was last year’s #PlasticPollutionDay, which caused millions of plastic bags to be thrown into the ocean. The Plastic Pollution Prevention Alliance works closely with other groups to prevent pollution in our oceans, but the organization also works to prevent pollution in our communities here in the US.

I love Plastic Pollution Prevention Day. It’s a great way to show the world how everyone can make a difference. In addition to all the plastic bags that came out of the ocean, there were also thousands of plastic flowers and other plastic items that were floating around the sea this past week. It’s a great time to remind everyone how serious plastic pollution is, and to also show everyone how much we still have to do to prevent it from happening again.

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