what is physical environment

by Radhe Gupta
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You can get away with a lot in the physical world because you are able to control it. But if you don’t believe that you can control it, you are not going to be able to achieve any of the things that you want to achieve.

So when we talk about “physical environment,” we’re referring to the physical place in your home that you are able to control. We are talking about the physical objects that surround you, including the things that you own.

The things that we own have their own characteristics that we can control. In our home, we control the furniture, the lighting, the color, and the overall appearance of the space. If we want to create a home that is livable, we need to control where the furniture is placed in the space, how the lighting is arranged, and what colors are used.

If you know what I am talking about, then you know that there are other things that we control as well. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you are not aware of the other things we control. The things we control are the things that we have control over, which is why we are in control of them.

Physical Environment is the first thing that most people think of when they think about architecture. It is the first thing that most people think of when they think about interior design. The problem is that most people aren’t aware that an interior is not just a space for us to live in. It is a space where we create our living environment for ourselves as well.

The problem is that the word “environment” has many different meanings, and there is a lot of variability on what that definition could actually mean. We spend a good deal of our time thinking about a space as if it is a living, breathing thing, but that doesn’t mean that the things within that space are actually alive. A space can be a garden, a museum, a home, a hotel room, a library, or a car.

One thing that can be a real problem is that the idea that things are “alive” or “living” is often used to mean that things are “alive” in a literal way. In that case, a space can be a person, a building, a tree, or any other living thing. In other words, the idea that something is alive is a problem because it is usually inaccurate.

This is why it is important to have a space that is both large and well lit. Otherwise, it is easy to go into a room and only be able to see a reflection of yourself. If the space is well lit, then you can be sure that the thing being looked at is alive because you can see it. If you are in a big room with a huge window, then you are not going to be able to see anything because the light is too strong.

Another example is how we interact with our cars. We are so used to the fact that if we drive down the street at night, the street lights are going on, that we would be completely fooled if we saw that an object was moving through the shadows. And that would be if our cars were really that big. The more compact they are, the easier it is to see them because the light is not so intense.

In this case, light and darkness are two different things. Light is a continuous spectrum of wavelengths. To see an object, it is not necessary to be able to see that object itself. You just have to be able to see the spectrum of wavelengths that your eyes are sensitive to. As an example, if you see a person on the street, they are not necessarily looking at you. They are seeing the entire spectrum of colors of light that you can see.

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