the awareness of differences in the external or internal environment is defined as:

by Radhe Gupta
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The ability to understand the difference between an external environment—one’s own body, physical surroundings, and what lies beyond them—and an internal environment—oneself and one’s thoughts and emotions.

I always thought of awareness of difference as, “being aware of what’s outside you and what’s outside you.” This seems to indicate that being aware of your inner self (like a self-awareness of your current mood) isn’t all that necessary. It seems that awareness of difference is just as important if not more important than awareness of the external world.

This is a good point that I’m going to make for you. We all have a few things we are aware of in our self-awareness that aren’t on our “outer-self” awareness. This is the part of awareness that you can directly influence. This may include everything from feeling like your body is “out of whack” to being aware that something may be wrong with your heart.

That said, I think even this part of awareness can be influenced by external factors. I can think of a time when I was quite angry with something and I thought I could do anything to get that anger out. I was convinced that I could get my anger out by punching a wall. It was only after taking a deep breath and realizing that I could actually change my external environment by doing it, that I realized I could actually control my state of being.

You don’t realize that you have a heart attack when you are angry with your boss until you take a few deep breaths to calm down.

One of the most useful things that I have learned through my years as a business developer is that I can control my internal environment by taking breaths. The more I take a deep breath, the more I am able to control what I am thinking and feeling. All of my business development ideas can be changed by taking a few breaths.

This really speaks to the importance of taking time to just be aware of yourself. I think one of the most interesting things that I have learned in business development is that the more time we spend focused on our internal world, the more we can take control of the external world too. This is why I’m always amazed by how quickly and often people can become aware of the state of the world around them.

I agree. When I focus on the external world, I often find that I am able to do more in the way of my business. This is why I like to take all my business ideas and all my marketing materials and mail them to myself so I can go through them and see how they can be used to help others. And in that way I can be more aware of my business and people.

The best way to help people realize their differences is to really focus on them. When you do this, it becomes natural to recognize them and understand them. You can do this because you are aware of your own differences. By focusing on them, you are able to better understand and relate to the people who are different from you.

By focusing on your differences, you can become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on your differences, you can see what you have to offer and what you might need to change. You can then make suggestions about how to improve yourself, and in the process become more aware of what you want to do better. And then you are less likely to forget what you have to do and how to do it, and more likely to do what it is you really want to do.

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