sustainability and the built environment

by Radhe Gupta
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It’s true that green building is an area of the building industry that is gaining new momentum each year. A big reason for that is the growing recognition of the importance of the built environment. Whether that’s the type of building materials used, the building’s environmental impact, or how the building is managed (a lot of the focus is on the latter), the built environment is an important element of green building.

What is the built environment? The built environment is, in a nutshell, the physical (and emotional) landscape of your home. In the world of green building, we want to build buildings as sustainable as possible and in a way that doesn’t make us feel like we’re living in a factory. What makes a building sustainable is the type of building materials and how those materials are produced. The same goes for the building design.

The most important question about sustainability is “what is the environment?” And what is green building? The answer to that question, in the case of green building, is the “built environment.

This is so important because green building is the most important aspect of building design. It is the way in which a specific building is constructed and the way that a specific building is designed which can make a difference in the type of energy that the building generates and the type of green house materials that are used. The best example of this is solar power.

Solar power is a very good example. The way that solar energy works is that it’s a “renewable” energy source because it’s harvested from the sun. But it’s also very, very dirty. The energy is captured from the sun, then it’s stored in a series of large batteries. The energy comes from the sun and then it’s stored.

When you store the energy in batteries, you then have to dispose of the used batteries, and the energy is released into the air, or into the environment. And remember, we’re not talking about a single solar panel, we’re talking about the entire roof of a house.

All around the world, we see the problems with energy storage. The energy companies have been trying to solve these problems ever since the mid-90s when they began to release the energy from the sun into the air. They have tried to solve the problem by using a number of methods, ranging from using huge turbines, to using solar thermal towers. I think it’s safe to say they haven’t solved it.

We see the problem with these huge solar thermal towers, too. Even though the sun continues to shine on the earth as we speak, they take a long time to heat up and cool down. They also have to be built in ways that can support the weight of the tower and the solar cells and so on, and they have to be built in places that are not ideal for using them.

I’ll let you guess where I’m going with this.

I guess I should have said the environmental problems we see in these gigantic windmills are also a result of the way the technology is constructed. So you need places where you dont have to deal with that. Im not sure where you are going with this though.

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