How Do Urine Drug Test Cup Works? How Much Is It Accurate?

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Drug Test

The use of illicit drugs is increasing among people. It impairs a person and can lead to lasting addiction. Also, many employees are also under the influence of drugs. There is a high risk for these people due to the chances of accidents and injuries on the job. So, drug testing is crucial to determine drug abuse in a person. These are the different drug tests: pre-employment drug screening, work-related drug testing, post-accident drug testing, safety-related drug testing, etc. Nowadays drug testing is necessary for pilots, bus drivers, trucker drivers, federal employees, etc. 

Teachers, patients, and criminals also have to undergo this test. Court-ordered drug tests happen when you are lawfully mandated to stay sober. Drug tests happen through the blood, urine, hair, saliva, etc. Urine is a common sample used for drug testing. Nowadays, the use of urine drug test cups is increasing to achieve fast results. Keep reading to know more about urine test cups:

About Urine Drug Test Cup

Nowadays, people use urine drug test cups to conduct urine tests on the site. It provides fast results to the users. It helps to determine the presence and absence of drugs in someone’s body. There are FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived drug test cups available. The best quality drug test cups are gone through certification criteria like CLIA-waived and FDA510(k). Urine drug test cups are best for pre-employment screening, compliance assessment, and home substance abuse prevention. There are many advantages of using urine drug test cups. It provides a 99% accuracy for detecting many drugs. You can also send the specimen to the lab if a positive result appears on the drug test cup for confirmation. 

Urine drug test cups are non-invasive and no pain occurs to the user. It does not need inserting an instrument through the skin or into a body opening. Also, it can give you outcomes only in 5-7 mins. A drug test cup detects up to 14 drugs. So, you can use it for analyzing amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. There is no dipping or tilting of urine as there are testing panels on the cup. Urine drug test cups are affordable and easily available online.

How To Use Urine Drug Test Cup

It is much easy for people to use urine drug test cups for drug screening. Below, you can check the process to use this device:

  1. Donors have to provide the urine specimen and then return the cup to the collector. 
  2. Do not forget to verify the temperature. It should be within the range on the temperature strip (90-100°F or 32-38°C).
  3. Results take around five minutes to appear and you have to remove the label to see them. 
  4. If any of the test pads match any of the colors on the left, there has been adulteration.
  5. Read the results where all the C lines (control) have appeared. Negative results can be read as soon as all T lines (test) are visible.

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