an axenic environment is one

by Radhe Gupta
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An axenic environment is one in which all microbes are dead or dying. All the nutrients from the foods we eat, all the waste we produce, all the molecules in the air we breathe, all the things in our bodies that are not made we do not consume, and even some of the things we don’t even know exist.

This is a great way to start a discussion on how to avoid getting sick. It’s also a great way to illustrate how even the most basic of microbes can be a problem because they are generally the most resilient ones.

While you can technically create a dead environment for yourself (by putting something that resembles bacteria in it), I think it would be better to create a dead environment that mimics what we think of as natural environments because we are all dead inside. A dead environment would be a good place to start if you like.

That said, there are tons of dead environments out there, and it’s important to remember that they are all different. Some are less than ideal and some are better than ideal. For example, a dead environment would be a good place to avoid certain microorganisms, but it wouldn’t really matter because you’d be dead, too.

The good news is that there are a lot of different dead environments out there. Some are more “natural” than others. Some have better ecosystems, and others are more “natural” but with a more “artificial” feel. There are also some environments that are so “natural” theyre very unnatural. A very unnatural environment would be a dead environment that is so artificial that it looks like it was created by a child.

For example, a dead environment where the soil is so artificial, and the air so artificial, that you can walk on it without really moving it. There are other dead environments where the plants in the soil are so artificial, that it seems as though they were created by a child. A dead environment is really anything where the environment itself is so artificial, that it is impossible to live in.

The environment we live in today is an artificial environment. We live in a dead environment, so our lives would be as artificial as the environment we live in.

We live in an artificial environment because we are constantly surrounded by artificial things. We live with all kinds of artificially-created artificial environments. We live with artificial light and artificial noises and artificial foods and artificial diseases and artificial people and artificial money and artificial art and artificial technology and artificial entertainment.

We are constantly surrounded by artificial stuff, so we can be one with it.

We have to learn to be one with the artificial stuff. We need to learn to be able to live in a world that has no boundaries or lines. We have to learn that we are the ones that are making the artificial stuff and we need to learn to be able to make the artificial stuff our own. In this way, we learn to be one with the artificial stuff.

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