a(n) ________ is a chamber that isolates the subject from the external environment.

by Radhe Gupta
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I am currently in a creative, introspective, and sometimes even a bit of a stalker phase. The more reflective I am, the more I realize that I’m not always who I seem to be. I’m not always good or intelligent or even nice. I’m not always the one who takes the initiative to make something happen. When I get stuck, this new “state of being” is my way of letting go and getting it out.

I am not sure if this is what really happened or if somehow this person was able to influence my life in some way. But I do know that when I am stuck, I have to let go and get it out. To get stuck in the first place and not be able to let go is a big part of what makes me a person who keeps going.

It sounds like this is a state that isn’t quite what you want to be. I think I was stuck in a state of being a person who let go of the world, who let go of my feelings, and who just let go of anything. But that’s a state that is sometimes a product of being a person who has self-awareness. This new state of being is one I would like to call “a(n) ________”.

I’m a big fan of the word ________. It is a way of describing something that is not self-aware. For example, if I was to describe what I am right now, I would say ________. To me, a person who is ________ is someone who has made a commitment to themselves, to their own desires and thoughts, and to their own actions.

________ is a state of being that is almost always associated with depression or anxiety. It is a state in which someone feels as though the world is an unpleasant place in which they must put up with to get on with their lives. Im not saying that everyone with depression or anxiety feels like this.

A person who is ________ can be someone who has no self-awareness. For example, some people are just like that. So they can be someone who has ________ to a point, in which they really don’t care for themselves or their surroundings. That’s probably why they’re depressed or anxious. However, a person can also have ________ and still be someone who cares for themselves or their surroundings.

If you have ________, it means you are no longer a person. Or at least, you are a person who doesn’t want to be a person.

For example, you might be someone who has ________ who is so depressed or anxious that you just want to be somewhere else. Or maybe you just like getting a new haircut, and ________ who is so depressed and anxious that you just want to sit in a chair with a bottle of wine next to you.

To be a ________ we must first be a ________. I am ________ by nature, so I am ________ because I like being ________. I am ________ because I like being ________. I am a ________ because I am a ________. I am a ________ because I am a ________. We can also be ________ because we are not a ________.

________ has a lot of layers to it: it is a psychological concept, a behavior, a way of thinking in psychology. It can be used for a lot of different things, and it can be used in a positive or negative way. ________ is a very positive word in psychology because it implies that the subject is a positive person, but I don’t think it means we are supposed to be happy.

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